We Welcome You!

You are invited to worship with us, an experience we know you will enjoy and never forget! Read this page all the way to the bottom and discover how you may receive a FREE Bible study book!

What You Can Expect

  • A church atmosphere that is saturated with the Love of God!
  • A distinct awareness of the presence of Lord!
  • A feeling of acceptance and belonging!
  • A church filled with friendly and loving people just like you!

When You Arrive

  • You will have no trouble finding our church. We are located on 743 East Main Street, Laurens. You will see a big sign on main street that will mark our location. For driving directions click here or to view a map click here.
  • You can easily find a place to park in our large and spacious parking area. Just take your pick of over 132 spaces!
  • When you drive into the parking lot you will at once notice the entrance in the center of our church facility. Look for the 2 lamp post and double glass doors.
  • When you enter the building there will be members of our hosting ministry there to greet you and assist you.
  • You may also want to stop by the Welcome Center in the foyer for other information.
  • You can be assured you will receive a friendly and loving welcome from a large interracial and interdenominational Christian congregation. At our church…. we have a place for everybody…. we even have a place for you!
  • Children? Of course your children are welcomed to sit with you in the Sanctuary service. But we do have a full ministry to children as well. We would be happy to minister to your children in a safe and loving environment, while you are free to enjoy the Sanctuary service. Our children’s ministry includes:
  • A fully staffed and very clean Nursery for children 0 – 2.
  • A teaching ministry to Pre-School children ages 3 – 5.
  • An exciting and fun packed Children’s Church for children 1st grade – 6th grade.

Our Worship Service

  • Our service begins at 10:30 am on Sunday mornings. For more Service time information you may click here.
  • From the start of the service you will feel right at home. (We planned it that way!)
  • The service begins with prayer as our Pastor extends an encouragement to worship.
  • Praise and Worship
    • It’s praise and worship time! We do not have a formal choir, but the congregation becomes the choir, as we ask all to stand and enter into worship together. There are no trained voices here, we sing simple praises from the depth of our hearts giving glory and honor to God. Very simple and no pressure to perform in a certain way. Just be yourself.
    • You will at once notice that there is a lot of music. We have Drums, Percussions, Guitars, Bass Guitars, Pianos, Organs, Keyboards, and other instruments from time to time.
    • And…. you will not be singing alone. Our stage will be filled with worshipers who will lead you in song and praise.
    • What about the words to the songs? Don’t worry about that. We have a state of the art computer system that projects all the words to all the songs on a 12′ high screen just above the praise and worship leaders.
  • Ministry Of The Word
    • The teaching ministry of our Pastor is the centerpiece of our worship service. The simplicity of the Word of God is evident and the theme is always one of the Power of God’s Word in the life of the believer. In fact our favorite saying is: “God’s Word, I am what it says I am, I have what it says I have and I can do what it says I can do!”
  • Prayer Time
    • Prayer time is very special at Gospel Tabernacle. Not a service goes by that we are not given the opportunity to receive prayer for various needs: salvation, healing, infilling with the Holy Spirit, financial blessings, family relationships and so much more. If you are in need of prayer, you will find a church where the power of prayer is a very real dimension of who we are in Christ Jesus.

Our Sanctuary

  • On February 9th we celebrated our first service in our New Sanctuary. Because of the faithfulness of God and the diligent work of God’s people we now worship in a new 2.4 million dollar church facility. To God be all the glory!

Gospel Tabernacle Sanctuary

We Welcome You

  • In this short introduction we can really never tell you what Gospel Tabernacle is all about. In fact the only way for you to know and see the work that God is doing at our church is for you to experience it yourself!
  • So we extend an invitation to you to visit with us this Sunday.
  • You will receive a warm welcome and we would consider it a great honor, to have you take part in our services.

FREE Bible Study Book!

Leon Bible Bible Basics for Spirit Filled Believers

When you visit with us at church this Sunday stop by the Welcome Center, located in main Lobby, and ask for your free book: Bible Basics for Spirit-filled Believers.

It is a 12 chapter Bible study guide, that will take you through the 12 most important Bible subjects, for those who truly desire to follow Christ.

And remember it is absolutely free – no strings attached!



Gospel Tabernacle Why Should I Attend Church

  • The Church and Jesus are inseparable! You cannot say, “Jesus Yes, and Church No”. How can you separate the head from a body and still have life? In Ephesians 5:23 the Bible says Christ is the Head of the Church, which is His Body. In Acts 2:47 the Bible says that when you become a Christian, you become a part of the Church.
  • Jesus loves the Church and died for the Church. Ephesians 5:25
  • God commands us to meet together as the Church. Our purpose is to worship God and encourage one another. Hebrews 10:25
  • The Church is the Family of God. Many people think of the Church as a building, but it is really the people inside of the structure. To be a Christian means you are part of the Family of God. Other Christians are your new brothers and sisters in the faith. There are no “Lone Ranger” or “Free Agent” Christians. Jesus established a “Community of Believers.”
  • If you are a Christian you are part of a Church, why not begin to take your place in the Church today!