Hailing from Greenville, S.C., this Christian band has more than just catchy tunes. They have advice for you. Known all over the country for their debut single “Your Love Sets Me Free,” The Advice is quickly capturing the hearts of the contemporary Christian music audience.

Comprised of five members Matt (lead vocals/guitar), Jared (guitar), Jeff (bass), Sanchez (drums), and Aaron (keys), the group formed in 2003 but didn’t debut nationally until 2010. As a recent addition to InPop Records (Newsboys, Superchick, Jimmy Needham, etc), they are preparing to release their first full length album.

What’s the meaning behind the name The Advice?

Jared: The meaning [of] The Advice came through Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, Exodus 18:18. Go look it up. He gave Moses the advice to bring in help, as far as judging all the people and he said you need to appoint elders and leaders over all the tribes of Israel to help you lead because you can do it all on your own. So that’s kind of the meaning of our band. You can’t handle this life alone, and everything that gets thrown at you. You need help. So, actually, the inital name of band was Jethro’s advice, but everybody came up going, “Uh, y’all a country band? Which one’s Jethro?” So we dropped Jethro and went with The Advice.

What’s the story behind the song “Your Love Sets Me Free”?

Jeff: I was kind of wanting to figure out a cool way to express that God’s love is able to set us apart from everyone else. And I wanted to figure out a way to bring it a cross and have a “motowny” feel to it.

The song says “You’re All I Need.” How did you guys come to Christ?

Sanchez: Well, being that we’re all preachers’ kids, we kind of had no choice being raised in a Christian home. But over the years [as] we became teenagers, it’s one of those things [where] we found our own personal walks with God and ultimately we all decided that was all we needed. And that brought us here, to where we are now.

The Advice