Scripture Reading

Psalm 144:15 Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.

Insight on the Word

In Psalms 144:12-15 the Psalmist expresses eight things that constitute happiness:

  • Sons who live. (v.12)
  • Daughters who are strong and beautiful. (v.12)
  • Garners that are full. (v.13)
  • Sheep that are plentiful. (v.13)
  • Oxen that work in peace. (v.14)
  • No plunder or captivity. (v.14)
  • No complaining in the streets. (v.14)
  • To have Jehovah as God. (v.15)

Psalms 146:5-10 presents fourteen other things that constitute happiness:

  • God as a helper in all problems. (v.5)
  • Hope in God. (v.5)
  • The backing of God’s creative power. (v.6)
  • God faithfulness to the truth. (v.6)
  • God to execute justice for the oppressed. (v.7)
  • The continued providence of God. (v.7)
  • God to liberate from prison. (v.7)
  • God to heal blind eyes. (v.8)
  • God raising up when bowed down. (v.8)
  • God’s unfailing love. (v.8)
  • God’s preservation. (v.9)
  • God’s relief of the fatherless and widow. (v.9)
  • God’s vengeance on the wicked. (v.9)
  • God as the eternal ruler of man. (v. 10)

The circumstances of life do indeed play a part in our happiness. This need not present a problem however. God is fully capable of positioning us for a life of happiness. Reading the lists above we find that God desires a life of peace, plenty, freedom, hope, truth, justice, health, love, and so much more; for his children. Let us endeavor to live under the lordship of Christ this day and experience the true happiness that only God can give. Be confident in the promise of God: “happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.”

Speak the Word — I am happy for my God is the Lord! (Psalm 144:15)

Daily Bible Reading — Joshua 19 – 21