Scripture Reading

John 14:13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
14 If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

John 15:16 Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

Insight on the Word

When Christians exercise their power of attorney through Jesus name, it brings glory to God. We see the word “whatsoever” used three times, and in connection, discover that it glorifies God to answer all prayers, save, heal, and bless all people materially; but He only does so as we “ask in faith, nothing wavering” (Hebrews 11:6; James 1:5-8).

More than just a suggestion, the believer is “ordained” to: 1) Go and bring forth fruit, 2) Produce eternal works; and 3) Get an answer to every prayer.

In order to have this kind of prayer power believers must be: 1) United to the vine (John 15:5); 2) Chosen by God to the work (John 15:16); 3) Ordained by God for the work (John 15:16); 4) Laborers to bring forth fruit, not idlers (John 6:27; John 15:16); 5) Goers to the work, not waiters for the work (Matthew 28:19-20; Mark 16:15-20; Acts 1:4-8); 6) Preservers of their fruit, not destroyers of it (John 15:16; John 6:27); 7) Prayers that get results (John 15:16); and 8) Lovers of all men (John 15:12-17; 1 John 3:4-18; 1 Corinthians 13).
Today, submit yourself to these eight objectives, begin to ask “whatsoever” and see your prayers answered for the glory of God the Father!

Speak the Word — I ask and receive in Jesus name to the glory of God! (John 14:13)

Daily Bible Reading — Genesis 27 – 29